Welcome to Validation Framework REST API documentation

General Info

  • Collabs on the HBP Collaboratory can be either public or private. Public Collabs can be accessed by all registered users, whereas private Collabs require the user to be granted permission for access.

  • The Model Catalog and the Validation Framework apps can be added to any Collab. A Collab may have multiple instances of these apps. The apps require to be configured by setting the provided filters appropriately before they can be used. These filters restrict the type of data displayed in that particular instance of the app.

  • All tests are public, i.e. every test registered on the Validation Framework can be seen by all users.

  • Models are created inside specific Collab instances of the Model Catalog app. The particular app inside which a model was created is termed its host app. Similarly, the Collab containing the host app is termed the host Collab.

  • Models can be set as public/private. If public, the model and its associated results are available to all users. If private, it can only be seen by users who have access to the host Collab. See table below for summary of access privileges.

  • No information can be deleted from the Model Catalog and Validation Framework apps. In future, an option to hide data would be implemented. This would offer users functionality similar to deleting, but with the data being retained in the database back-end.

  • Models, model instances, tests and test instances can be edited as long as there are no results associated with them. Results can never be edited!

    Collab (Private/Public)
    Collab Member Not Collab Member
    View (GET) Create (POST) Edit (PUT) View (GET) Create (POST) Edit (PUT)
    Model Private Yes Yes Yes No No No
    Public Yes Yes Yes Yes No No


The HBP validation framework offers the below described APIs. These can be accessed through the following base URL: https://validation-v1.brainsimulation.eu